* Currently seeking full-time employment in the field of interior architecture / design beginning June 2018! *

I am available for part-time digital design freelance projects. Need interior design help? I can do that, too! If you like what you see in my Etsy shop, let's chat about custom products. Please reach out if you're interested in working with me in any capacity.

RISD Interior Architecture Thesis

While new Earth-friendly building tactics and materials become increasingly available, so must the knowledge and will of the public to implement such ideas. In an increasingly changing climate, aggressive strides must be taken to educate the community on life-altering sustainable building practices with the end goal of mass implementation.

An exhibition merging the possibilities of sustainable building technology and adaptive reuse will demand the attention of the community and spread awareness on the real effects of climate change on daily life. These implementations aim to directly influence the way people live on a habitual level, changing perceptions of both climate change and possible solutions to the problem.

Project completion: May 2018  |  Proposal book: here |  Thesis information updated: 12/15/17


I'm a creator of things. I love cats, and I have one named Tucker. I named my Etsy shop, Tucknote, after him. Previously a Senior Art Director at VaynerMedia, a social media agency in NYC, I am now a second year graduate student studying Interior Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence (graduating May 2018). I play piano, trumpet, and am currently taking pipe organ lessons at Brown University. I like baking, fiction, keeping things organized, and own way more types of adhesives than you do.


Tucknote is an Etsy shop I started in February of 2015 that sells paper goods and gifts inspired by cats! The shop is a labor of love filled with a slowly growing supply of handmade items all designed by me. Currently on the roster are hand-lettered cat quotes and themed posters, sketched / colored / stamped greeting cards, and laser cut acrylic pieces including earrings, swizzle sticks, keychains, and paper clips. All aspects of the business are handled by me.


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